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Kayla T.  is the Founder of Pretty Entrepreneur, where she motivates A Dope community of women every day to be authentic, and live out their dreams while being unapologetic, and proud of who they are. Pretty Entrepreneur is built on Straight talk, Sisterhood, and Products that celebrate Us.  Pretty Entrepreneur is a budding community on the rise.   Kayla is also the Founder of IFP Inc. and specializes in Brand development, Social Strategy, and Digital marketing for creative entrepreneurs.  

  1. Hey girl, I am thrilled to have you featured at thewidster.com, but before we get started: I want people to know who you are, and two things that you love most about yourself?

Hey Sis, I'm Kayla T., a founder and a creative entrepreneur who is trying to live her very best life. Hmmm well, I love that I always try to find the positive in every situation. If there is a glimmer of hope I'm hanging on to it and trying to build a bridge to get to the other side. This has helped me get through many situations personally and professionally. I also love that I really take time to connect with people. Life is hard, but God always blesses me, so I'm always open-minded and have an open heart to connect with people that come my way.

2. Tell us about your brand, what inspired you to move in a direction to get you where you are now, and where you'd like to be in the future?

Pretty Entrepreneur, came about from my other business, IFP Inc. where I specialize in Brand development, Social Strategy, and Digital marketing for entrepreneurs.  I work one on one with entrepreneurs. Many times they don't have support or someone like myself guiding them every day or cheering for them. After two years of helping clients one on one, I knew that there was a need for a community that had other people on the same journey.

Having a tribe of sisters who understand your frustration, and that won't shame you for working on a holiday is needed. What we as entrepreneurs find entertaining might not be fun to your friends or family. Its vital to your success as an entrepreneur or creative to have a circle of support, and this is how Pretty Entrepreneur was born.

This brand means more than words can describe but it is a Dope community of women who are on the journey of being or becoming entrepreneurs or creatives. This community motivates, educates, and empowers women on a daily basis through words, deeds, and products.

Honestly, every day is the future for me lol, I am a creative entrepreneur so I'm always coming up with different things to add to the brand.  For the future I want is this brand to change the statistics that say that most new businesses fail after 1 year.  With a supportive and educational community, I believe that we can do that.  It warms my heart when I get messages from women that wanted to give up but they didn't just because of our Instagram page or just because they joined our Tribe which is our membership community.

3.Share some of the most challenging roadblocks you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, and what you have or are doing to overcome?

Well, I would say something that has slowed me down is finances. The bigger you get the more you need. Learning how to manage money and invest in the right things to make a difference in your business is a learning experience. I am a research queen lol. I'm always looking into the best products or deals that won't hurt my pockets that much. I also learned to sacrifice because it pays off. Every day is a journey but I won't call it a roadblock it just makes you humble because the process is a little slower.

4. What are some of the new things we can expect from you and your brand in 2018?

Yasss! Well, we have new products, our blog "Pretty-ish" the writers will be bringing more dope blogs because they are super talented. We have " Pretty Girls Vlog" launching fully in January. I will try to collaborate more this year and bring more opportunities for women that are hungry to succeed. We will have some sistahood and brand building events in NYC.  We have a Sistahood Retreat to Costa Rica in April, and it will be amazing. Also, our Tribe membership will open up again. We have 21 amazing tribe members currently we try to keep the membership small so we can all connect, but ladies are waiting to get in:) I can't wait for the new year God willing it will be amazing.

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