Celebrate Your Wins: Here’s a Toast to Private Victories!

Have you ever pondered deeply while pacing back and forth, asking yourself, “What have I accomplished so far in 2019?” Or, here’s a more familiar phrase many of us like to say (especially me): “Dang it, time has flown by so quickly, and I have a lot of work to get done before this year ends!”

SIDE NOTE: I am celebrating another year of birth—yea! It’s my birthday!!!


I’m here to tell you all that although I haven’t quite yet fulfilled all the goals I’ve written down for 2019, there are tons of things I can celebrate and give a toast to that are prepping me and expanding my capacity to manage well and be fruitful when the blessings do come.

A couple of months ago, I celebrated the birthday of one of my friends, as well as the launching of her new book. As we sat at the dinner table while the birthday girl basked in delighted appreciation of those surrounding her, she proceeded to ask a simple yet thought-provoking question: “What have you all accomplished so far in 2019?” I was second to last to answer, and I therefore had the opportunity to hear most everyone else’s responses first, though it still seemed like I had a short amount of time to come up with my own. As I was stroking my little pixie cut, I pondered, trying to conjure up the right words. I thought really hard, and asked myself, “Wid, what have you accomplished so far?” I began jotting down a list in my brain of what I could say to show what I had under my sleeves. 

In the midst of my thinking about what to say, it abruptly hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Private victories!!

What I’d accomplished so far in 2019 were my private victories that no one knew about unless I opened my mouth to share them.

Too many times, we downplay private victories, and would rather publicize the finish product—and that’s okay; there’s nothing wrong with that. But we must remember that before there can be a launch, there must be a pad where the launching erupts from.

Don’t forget about the upbringing…

"What does that even mean?" you might ask? When was the last time you congratulated yourself on your small wins that neither people on social media, nor even those who know you best, know about?

Heck, when was the last time you gave yourself props for setting time aside while pushing off distractions to write the first chapter of your book? Before the day finally comes when the finished work you've tirelessly poured out is launched (and once again, before you discredit yourself and say, “Well I haven’t accomplished anything”), ask yourself these questions (I had to do the same thing!): what are some things in your private life you’re overcoming, have completely let go of, or are slowly but surely cutting yourself off from? What have you matured into? In what area of life have you become disciplined that no one else may know about? Chiiiiile, you better start celebrating your private victories!

Write down your wins, and bask in celebration over areas you’ve been progressing in. If you can’t celebrate small wins/private victories, don’t expect others to understand your “why” when promoting your finished work.

So, let’s us partake in a toast, shall we?

  • Here’s a toast to working on your character and integrity, and being kind when people are constantly testing your patience. 
    • Here’s a toast to those who made the decision to abstain from being sexually active in any way until marriage, when you know you can be actively dimpling and daggling with whomever. 
    • Here’s a toast for those who are unapologetically trailblazing their lane, and most importantly, staying in their lane without having to dim anyone else’s light.
    • Here’s a toast to all my sisters living their best life: working on themselves, guarding their hearts, supporting and cheering other women without feeling threatened.
    • Here’s a toast to those pushing through hard times, trusting in God and only Him to make a way, rather than stepping outside of His will to make it happen—i.e., taking the easy way out.