Don’t be quick to abort it. Keep working at it!


I am not where I’d like to be, but guess what? I am somewhere, planted in where God has me. And what encourages me the most when I get discouraged or irritated with life is that God can do so much when you trust Him to use the little that’s in your hand rather than, not trusting Him to use what’s in your hand. God is already on the move, the question is, are YOU moving with Him? And this is a question I’d repeatedly ask myself when I’d feel unequipped, inexperienced to do anything great. I felt compelled to talk about the first time the thought of blogging came to mind. I am sure they’re future bloggers who are on the fence whether or not if they should embark on this journey or any journey per se: starting a business, going back to school, becoming an entrepreneur.

One thing I must say is, I made a lot of excuses as in to why I shouldn’t move forward or even attempt to blog. At that point, I was very insecure with my writing (I am still working in building confidence as I write more frequently). I also had commitment issues; so if I’d started a project and didn’t see immediate fruit, I had a bad habit of aborting the process altogether. Yes! I want to be completely raw and open about my journey on starting something entirely fresh, new, and somewhat uncomfortable at the time.

So, here we go…

When I finally got weary in being average and too comfortable at playing it safe, praying bold prayers broke the norm.  On July 2016, I remember asking God to challenge and stretch me to step out more in doing something new. In various ways, the thought of starting a blog was being presented to me and of course, with me constantly playing it safe, I hesitated. I’d question how could God ever use me in blogging. (Isn’t it funny when we ask God to use us and when He answers us, we tend to question it? smh) I love to Journal, as a matter of fact, God would place it on my heart to look at Journaling as a way of blogging.

As I continued to pray and shared it with three of my closet friends/ accountability partners, I found the courage that I needed to proceed with this idea.

Of course, it took time, and I mean, an extended amount of time, to start the process and then, eventually, I launched (January 1st, 2017 to be exact) which was a stretch of its own. But, I’d have to say that the in-between process was the most challenging of it all (I blogged about it here). Starting from scratch was hard, ya’ll! I didn’t know a lot of bloggers as I do now, who I could reach out to for moral support and advice; I didn’t know anything about building a website other than paying someone to do all of the work (I’ve tried that, by the way, and it was an epic fail), and in turns not liking the end result of it. I could’ve saved my coins, ya’ll, like for real! Money was real tight and I’m over here paying someone to do something I could have done myself (which I ended up doing on my own by the way). However[tweetshareinline tweet="your mistakes are opportunities to create space to learn and to then apply the knowledge you’ve gained" username="lherisson_widny"]because right after, I took it upon myself to watch countless YouTube tutorials, and did my own research. If you were to look at my site now, you can honestly agree that I did pretty well for a beginner. Lol

[tweetshareinline tweet="You’ll never know how good you are until you invest time into learning, spent time in prayer, practice until you’ve succeeded, and continue to succeed in your own lane, at your own pace. -Wid" username="lherisson_widny"]And once you get going with the idea, the dream, and goals God places on your heart to do, things begin to happen. [tweetshareinline tweet="The start of something new is usually the toughest, but when you stick through the hurdles and difficulties and make a decision to remain rooted; it becomes sweet." username="lherisson_widny"] One thing that has and continues to help me when I feel stuck, experiencing writers' block, or get discouraged for whatever reason, is remembering the “Why.” Why are you doing it?

Don’t be quick to abort it. Keep working at it!