I'm getting older, but am I becoming HER?


20-SEVEN years’ young!

am I becoming her?

am I becoming her?

Eeeeekkk, I celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday you guys. Moreover, I am super elated, thankful and thrilled to see another year of God's faithfulness and favor when I didn't deserve it; and His protection over my life that kept me safe. It's such a blessing to celebrate another year, not to mention that I am beyond excited with an opportunity to travel to Cancun, Mexico with my pops! So far, I am enjoying myself here, but man, it's hot!!! I thought Miami was humid, but apparently, if you travel to another country such as Mexico, you will quickly see the difference. (Ladies, if your edges ain't slick'n right, then you know it's hottttt!).

But yeah...

As I was reflecting the other day on the previous years of birthdays, I can vividly remember celebrating with friends and family, and this made me think of an old saying I'd use that humors me when thinking of it now, "Man, I am getting old. (Whelp.)" It is quite amusing to listen to someone say jokingly at a young age that they're getting old as the marking of another year of life is approaching. However, when I recalled the many times I've said this, remarkably and with such confidence and seriousness, I was probably turning into my early teens and early stages of adulthood. Like, really, Wid? (blank stare) I must say, now that I am three years away from the BIG 3-0, I have become more profound with what I see and say as I am actually AM getting older, lol.

Age ain't nothing but a number if you haven't applied what you've learned and experienced!- Widny

Am I becoming HER?

Instead of writing down twenty-seven things I've learned throughout the years of living, I'll instead write about the question of: am I becoming her? Her- The woman I've been envisioning myself becoming as I live each day. The person who God has called me to be. It's simple to write and talk about what you've learned, but what about whether you have put into practice what you've learned:

  • Have you let go?

  • How have you sacrificed?

  • Have you been obedient to God's voice?

  • How have you been budgeting?

  • Are you saving?

  • Have you taken the corresponding steps to build your credit?

  • Have you matured from a place of releasing the poisonousness venom of unforgiveness by forgiving others?

  • Did you step out in faith instead of remaining in fear?

Before you turn the page

Asking yourself hard questions aids you in self-evaluation of where you currently are. As I reflect on every little detail about my character, my integrity, my growth, my heart and my relationship with God, with friends, with relatives, with coworkers, overall who's Widny becoming as an individual? I was doing myself a favor by doing a diagnostic test. A heart checkup regularly is a mandate!

It is imperative that we ensure we are and have been progressing, rather than being in constant deep thought, or reminiscing about how we could’ve done this or that differently without putting the actual work in, or how this situation once tried “IT,” but we stayed longer wallowing in disappointment and defeat. Before you turn the page, ask yourself, "I'm getting older, but am I becoming HER?"