Monday's Slump Turnaround.


In the last two days, I've found myself to be in a slump: extremely sluggish, not motivated to execute any goals, dreams, or anything that would improve my life, and unable to create opportunity and bring everything I’ve been praying for into life. And no, I am not depressed, y'all, lol; I just found myself becoming idle, and fond of being comfortable in the arena!

Have you been there?

Of course, you have! We have all experienced being in a slump at some point in our lives. For some, it can be in other areas such as school, family, relationships, work, etc. It's different for many people, but how to get out remains a very simple strategic concept that requires you to eventually make a simple decision to un-slump yourself.

I titled this post Monday's slump turnaround” because I woke up this morning with the same attitude of still being in a slump, but made an executive decision to GET UP to BREAK OUT of it! After my talk with God this morning and some journaling to release my tense thoughts, He showed me that it’s OK to experience this phase, but it’s NOT OK to build a house and live there.

EVERYONE needs a daily dose of God to refill, refuel, and renew their passion, mindset, and desire when running low in order to continue on their assignments here on Earth. Everyone’s assignments are completely different from the next person's. Granted, everyone knows when they’re running low on energy, excitement, passion, a clear vision, etc., and it is our responsibility to do something about it when stopped at a red light at an intersection.

Here are three things I did this morning to break out of the slump I was in and to refocus, reposition, and renew my mind:

1.      Acknowledge I acknowledged where I stood right in that moment, and exposed the truth about myself, how I was allowing myself to become engulfed in idleness and being unmotivated, which was weighing heavily on me, and how I was making excuses. 2.      Alone time with God, Prayer + Journaling Your alone time with God can never be substituted by anyone or anything else. I knew immediately after acknowledging where I was that being alone with God was the only answer for me to get back on track. Prayer created an intimate space for me to express with my heart to God how much I needed Him. When I open up the sword (my Bible) to Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I grab my journal and begin to write, inhaling the promises of God and exhaling what’s not of Him on paper.

3.      Get back to work! I hadn’t blogged in weeks, so I decided to write this post and edit a few others that I’d written a while back. I researched, applied to, and emailed about 2-3 positions within my major; planned activities/sightseeing for my trip to Nicaragua this week; set new goals for the month of August (also my birthday month), and planned to work on other collaborations with my blog sisters.

When you decided to get out of it, something has to shift!

Today, I pray for all wins, goals being executed, dreams turning into reality, and God is glorified in it all!