Roses are red violet are blue


Roses are red violets are blue, what are you up too on this beautiful day, boo! Lol, I thought this was a cute little quote I wanted to share with you all. (It’s kind of corny huh?)

So, there were actually many different topics I wanted to talk about, and even share but I gave myself a pep-talk “Widny, don’t go crazy, just stay on topic, please!”. Lol.

I wanted to ask you this just as I have asked myself weeks ago, “What is your perspective, focus, and posture as we are approaching another holiday that is just one day out of the year?" Or, if you were to look at it from a wider range, should I say, a day that should be lived as if it was every day of the year. So yes! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, pretty much, for the most part, everyone who is in a relationship is gearing up for it. OR perhaps, you are single, and you’re maybe not looking forward to your social media being flooded with teddy bears, love cards, showered with gifts from lovers… etc OR maybe, you’re like me, haha! You’re very much so single and looking forward to it because you have so much planned for that day, or weekend, and you’ve done your share of, “Ugh, I don’t like Valentine’s day?” Lol. Whichever way, Valentine’s Day will still take place and it’s right around the corner.

Is Valentine’s Day a time of the year you enjoy or dread?

Life is all about choices, which I am very thankful for but, how many of you guys can attest when you’re undeveloped in certain areas you will make some poor choices along the way? One way to make poor choices would be allowing circumstance to dictate whether or not you’ll be happy or joyful.

If I can be completely honest with you, I've dreaded the thought of Valentine’s Day for as long as I can have remembered. And it’s true, when you’re discontented on the inside there’s no way you can enjoy anything that’s happening around you or be genuinely happy for others. I’ve been there! I’ve lived there, where I’ve missed out on the BIGGER picture.

What is the BIGGER picture?

The bigger picture is realizing your portion. Meaning, one day out of the year shouldn’t dictate when and how to appreciate, celebrate, honor, cherish your significant other, friends, family, co-workers, and most importantly yourself. Knowing what God has given you is something that should be treasured each and every day. And that also means, being content!

How does one miss out on the bigger picture?

Simply by fixing their eyes on what they’re missing, lacking, and ultimately removing God from the equation. As mentioned before, I dreaded Valentines day solely because of not having a 'special' someone to share that day with, so that I’d feel appreciated and loved, etc, when all the while, God has always surrounded me with loving family, supporting friends, and hurting people all around to pour out love too. You see, there’s always a bigger picture much greater than the ones we tend to create for ourselves when it’s fixated on what we are missing, lacking, and then eventually removing God from the equation.

I have learned, or should I say, I am still learning that dreading something, or anything, will keep you exactly where you are, and that alone prolongs the process that God is trying to use to either mature or challenge you.

I want to end by saying this, “God is able to do something new because you have decided to something new.”- Yariana So, I am challenging you, just as I am challenging myself, wherever we may find ourselves this time around as we are approaching Feb 14th, ask yourself, “what’s my portion?” And with what you have, create more with it, do something new!

Thank you all for checking out my blog! Please be sure to share your thoughts below.

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