Stewarding This Season In Wholeness


Single? In a relationship? Is it complicated? I think facebook left the “whole” option off of my status selection. We live in a society where relationship status has become the foundation of identity. Living heartbreak to heartbreak has become the cadence and faking it until you make it- one Instagram post at a time- has become satisfying enough. But oh the joys of wholeness in Christ Jesus! Being whole in Christ requires not just an understanding of who you are, but who HE is and who HE promises to be. I would argue that awareness of your own identity can’t take place until you know His.

Believers are not called to pretend that life has not happened or that we don’t have pain points. However, we are called to walk in a way that demonstrates our awareness that when we are shocked by life, God is not.

Every need is met and Scripture shows us in Exodus that it was not until the Israelites cried out for help that God moved on their behalf and even as they cried out, He was speaking to Moses (the answer to their problem) before they ever knew a solution was on the way.(Exodus 2:23-25, 3) The same God who moved in this way for the Israelites is the same God who will move on our behalf. That is what true wholeness looks like- the belief and celebration of the idea that every good thing comes from God and that there is not a negative thing that can occur that He is not already speaking to our “Moses” about or has His hands on the purpose buried in our pain. One of my most fruitful prayers over the past 3 years has been that God would help me uncover the broken places, the places that have produced the fruit of brokenness and the ones that have been lying dormant. We know that He grants us the desires of our heart that are in accordance with His will. We see all throughout scripture that He desires to reveal and restore- if only we would seek! It is in this wholeness that we understand how precious we are and who we are. It’s in this place of wholeness that we walk as the answer to a problem- PURPOSE! During a time when grocery and drug store aisles are filled with heart-shaped reminders of the need for companionship, I challenge you to remind yourself that you are loved by a God who is concerned about the things you are concerned about. He sits in a place that has seen your past and future and will direct your steps if you are willing to put the things you are concerned about in their rightful place- second to the things God is calling your attention to. God is calling you to do the work in your current season, regardless of the box you have checked as a relationship status. Our hearts must always have the posture of gratitude toward the gifts we have been given. If God has blessed you with of gift of singleness this Valentine’s Day, be a good steward of that gift. Seek to honor, obey, and serve Him. Before Adam received Eve, God outlined responsibilities for him. Are you clear on your personal assignment? Seek to execute THAT in excellence. If you have been given the gift of courtship, be a good steward of that gift. No matter the gift, honor the giver. He is a friend to the friendless, a protector, the author and the finisher- every single day of the year- including Valentine’s Day. Steward what He has given in wholeness, so that when people see you, they see the joy, beauty, and completed work of Christ within you.

A cracked glass leaks. It doesn’t matter how much you pour into it, it will never be full.- Dr. Dharius Daniels

Prioritize wholeness because after all, what good is a Valentine’s Day gift from man, when we aren’t grateful for the gift from God?