The Potter's Touch


"I see the broken pieces; let’s rebuild on a different foundation, ME!"


Life has a way of turning upside down with or with our permission; that’s part of the fallen world we live in. But the one thing that never changes for me (and hopefully, you’ve realized it too, in your own life) is that the ONE I turn to in the midst of pain, disappointment, and loss of hope is GOD.

For many of us, turning to God in the midst of our “little world” crumbling down seems so far-fetched. We often believe the notion and the lies of the enemy whispering, “God is mad at you,” "If God loves you, why isn’t this working out for you?” or (my favorite one) “This pain is too deep and buried, with too many scars for God to heal.”


If you want to see God’s greatest work in you, get in trouble!

There’s nothing too big or too small for God to do. There’s no pain, sickness, disease, or anything else that may have cause you to doubt God, that cannot be healed.


I can speak from personal experiences when I’ve seen God come to my rescue over and over again. He has sat me down on His lap to show me that the path I was headed on once again was destructive. I’ve heard the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit say to me repeatedly, “Be still, Widny; you keep leaving the path I’ve set before you. Be still!”

For some of us (including myself), not being still in a season when God has commanded us to wait can get us into a lot of unnecessary trouble. We’ve all been there. Some of us are probably there now, and that’s okay. As long as you are aware, and admit where you’ve missed the mark, repent, and allow God to come in and work, you’ll experience all over again how relentless and overflowing God’s love for you is. Sometimes, having a fresh revelation and reminder of how loved you are is what’s needed to change your mind about certain things you thought were “self-fulfilling” and good for you.

Trust me, stepping outside of God’s will to satisfy any need you think God can’t fill is destructive.

I’ve witnessed the struggles of other people who are close to me. They have also witnessed God’s great power move them, proving to them that God has always been in the business of restoring, rebuilding, and healing when our hearts are completely surrendered to Him and not ourselves. Even I am seeing the beautiful work of God in broken pieces that I once thought could never be mended, and the fruit of the Spirit has helped me in areas where I’ve lacked good discernment and good judgment. Hello!

EXAMINE your life as a vase


From where you are right now in life, and in your relationship with God (and even) if you don’t have a relationship with Christ) examine your life as a vase, because believe it or not, everything still points back to God.

As beautiful any vase is, so is the life given to you. And guess what? If one were to smash this beautiful vase into pieces, either with good intentions or bad, God will always have the last touch when He has a hold on your heart. The same broken pieces that are scattered are the same broken pieces God can mend when you allow Him to.

Beautiful are the pieces laid before God's throne, for there's life, and you live more abundantly when He's in control.