The woman behind her hair! #IamHER


Many can attest to this, but growing up in a culturally, very traditional family (Haitian descent to be exact), can mean one of many things - do not cut your hair. Many people view hair as a special significance to a woman’s beauty...etc. No wonder it never caught my attention to ever cut my hair unless I was cutting my ends. Lately, the thrill that boils within me when I see a woman take the initiative and courage to transition from what they were so familiar with, to do the BIG CHOP, has blown my mind. What captivated me most and reckoned my deepest interest was seeing those same women embrace their beauty indefinitely, without the additional essentials.

Honestly, I have been asked numerous times on many different occasions, “Wid, when are you going natural?” or, “Wid, you should get a nice pixie cut?”...etc. And my answer has always been the same, “Not now, not ever! It’s just not for me.” As time went by, I’ve been itching to try something new, different, outside of my comfort zone and a little edgy. So of course, I began to explore, research, and consider the thing I’ve repeatedly said to myself I would not do - and that is to cut the little hair that I’ve been trying to grow for years, lol. (And I mean yeaaarrrsss).

And I must say, I feel FREE, unrestricted to the norms, exhilarated that I stepped out and tried something outside of my shell. So, I challenge you - women of all nationalities, ethnicity, background, who are accustomed to a certain type of style in order to play it safe, to do something new, not too extreme, but a bit dramatic that even shocks YOU. And it doesn’t have to be cutting your hair, it could be something simple from changing your wardrobe to something more eccentric, or rocking a bright color lipstick, to trying a different restaurant… anything that challenges you to step out of what you’re used to doing.

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