Your time to Rise Up is NOW!

If you were to ask a woman what rising up means to her, I guarantee you her reply would most likely stem from a place where she had to fight, surrender, outgrow, overcome, embrace, persevere, pray with tears and fast with a hunger in her heart to experience a shift in her life. There’s something powerful, beautiful, set apart, about a woman who refuses to remain defeated when she has been called to victory, or stagnant when she has been graced to move forward and have dominion. But there are others, other women, sisters, who are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted after being knocked down time and time again, who are at the end of their grip of throwing in the towel.  

Whichever state you may find yourself in as you’re reading this post, either you’re the woman who has already made the undaunted decision to RISE UP, or perhaps you’re the woman who’s still trying find balance, answers, breakthroughs in the midst of the storm, or maybe, just maybe, you’re in between. You’re not alone and God has something in store for you!

I am beyond excited to announce that, God, Empowers, Me (GEM), is having its second event on April 7th. This one in particular, is calling out to women, from ages 17 to young adults. The theme for this event is called RISE UP! where women will be challenged to rise from where they are to become the woman that God is calling them to be. You’ll be hearing from guest speakers, panelist, spoken word women sharing their stories, and so much more. I believe God is going to do a new thing that will leave every attendee empowered, delivered, and with a different perspective and vision.

For those of you who may not know what is GEM, or the purpose of this movement, I’ll gladly share with you what it’s all about: God Empowers Me (GEM) is a movement that inspires this generation and the upcoming generation to walk fully empowered by God in every area of life; no matter what you did, where you come from, or where you are. GEM's heart is to teach people around the globe to walk in the fullness of God in every way, and to grasp an understanding of their true identity, knowing and activating the power and authority that's already inside of them.

And ladies,

I believe there’s nothing sweeter then when God hears the hearts of and sees women worshipping, connecting, uniting, and healing together. Let’s get our sisters, girlfriends, any women you know that can benefit from this event, registered. You may click hereto be directed to Eventbrite to register.