Many people have been asking, continuously, and may have also wondered, "Why is this girl promoting her blog, but yet there's no sign of it?"

It's quite simple! It wasn't my time.

I shared a couple of months ago in an Instagram post why things seemed not to have been expedited in the way that I hoped.

God was and still is doing something in me - in my heart, per se. For months, I ignored the areas that needed to be dealt with and negated sitting quietly before Him to be taught, corrected and disciplined. And we all know, we cannot solve any problems by ignoring our faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

So like any father who loves their child and wants nothing but the best... God sent some rain over my little parade to get my attention.

As I've mentioned before, I had originally planned to launched my blog site in the month of August. I thought to myself, this would be perfect since August would be a busy and epic month for me: my birthday, graduation day and NOW a blog!!! That'd be epic!

In the midst of the excitement of having so many thrills, back-to-back in one month, God whispered to my heart and said, "Yes, but not now Widny."

But I disregarded His voice. I continued to plan, promote and get little things done here and there as August 8th (launch day) was abruptly approaching. But then, out of nowhere, my laptop crashed!!!

Like really?!?!?

"Now," I thought to myself, "how am I suppose to finish everything by August 8th?!"

Additional unexpected circumstances began to surface in other areas of my life: relationship, friendship, finances, school and even health, that God allowed to interrupt my plans in order to sit me down. Ouch!

So, I finally got quiet before God. And that alone helped me to adjust the way I perceived all that was happening. God exposed to me that I wasn’t ready to launch anything. He exposed to me that I should not to get caught up in the hype. He exposed to me that I was carrying considerably too much baggage and didn’t yet have the space in my heart to pursue the blog. He exposed to me that I needed more time alone with Him in private before He can launch anything to the public through me.

I say all this to share that, when God places a dream, desire or an idea that can potentially turn into something BIGGER than yourself, but hasn’t yet taken fruition, take heart! It doesn’t mean that God has forgotten what He’s promised. During the “wait,” I learned that God’s interruption was a covering over me and that goes for you as well.

God will always cover what He has ordained!

Thank you for checking out my blog and hopefully subscribing. There’s so much more to come in this new season of my life that I am stoked to share with you all.

Happy New Year!!! Cheers!!!